grad cap 1245541 1919x910The international EU-MENA final conference in Traffic Safety will take place in Salt in Jordan at Al – Balqa University on the 11th of October 2018. The conference will summarize the actions, results and present the new Master Programme in Traffic Safety along with new teaching tools and methodology.

MENASAFE project consortium gathered top-level road safety teachers from Spain, Sweden and Poland to design and develop Traffic Safety Programme adapted and implemented by the leading Universities in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. During these past 3 years the road safety experts have worked together, analyzing existing programmes and job markets, tailoring the Master Programme to the problems, needs and local traffic characteristics. Advance teaching techniques were developed which will be supported with hi-tech laboratory equipment and software to make the Master Programme highly specialized and competitive on the academic market having a positive impact on the MENA Countries and their economies in terms of road accidents reductions. The new Master Programme in Traffic Safety will produce a new generation of master students in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon with excellent theoretical and practical skills in traffic safety in terms of design, operation, planning and management.

To register and find out more about the conference please contact Maciej Sawicki from Gdansk University of Technology in Poland: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Traffic Accidents Database Compendium has been finalized and it is ready to use To see the Compendium please go to TAD Compendium. 

GAMBIT 2018Gdansk University of Technology - MENASAFE project Coordinator organized an International Road Safety Conference GAMBIT 2018 which was held on 12-13 April 2018 at the Gdansk University of Technology. The conference addressed the following areas: safe road infrastructure (road safety equipment, aspects of safety as part of road infrastructure life cycle management, effect of road cross-section on road safety), traffic layout and control for road safety (effect of ITS on road safety, speed management, effect of road signs and markings on road safety, road traffic enforcement), vulnerable road users (pedestrian and cyclist safety, people with reduced mobility), human factor in road safety (effect of roadside advertising on road safety, education in the system of road safety management, road user behaviour), other road safety problems (new trends in safety, implementation of vision zero, effect of road surface on safety, safety management on local government roads, road emergency services. The conference topics give also more understanding of road safety issues in Partner Countries in MENA region.  

From 24.06 – 12.07 Summer School lectures will take place in Jordan and Lebanon Partner Universities. The lectures, run by EU teachers, will cover the seminars: Statistical Analysis, Safe Geometric Design using CIVIS 3D, Operational and Consistency Analysis, Traffic Calming, Research Methodology, Highway Engineering and Safety, Urban Safety, Safety Management, Safety Planning, ICT, ITS and Safety, Statistical and Risk Analysis, Safety Fundamentals, Human Behavior and Safety. The objectives of the Summer School are:
- to encourage future student enrollment by attending seminars in some specific traffic safety topics,
- to train future trainers of the courses related to the seminar topics,
- to involve some local teachers in giving some parts of the seminars for presenting some local safety issues and good practices
- to disseminate the project and traffic safety issues,
- to offer EU students some learning on topics within the project, new culture of study and teaching systems as well as networking with local students,
- to involve EU students in teaching some practical parts related to their PhD thesis.

30711006 1712027605552855 8730307287308042240 nWithin the framework of the Erasmus+ Menasafe project, MUBS organized, in collaboration with National Road Safety Council on April 18, 2018 Menasafe Open Day and Road Safety Symposium.

The Menasafe Erasmus+ project main objective is to share EU best practices, innovative experiences and knowledge to support the development of new/existing courses, capacity and knowledge building in traffic safety at the partner universities in Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt. MUBS Postgraduate Diploma in traffic safety was developed as part of the project activities and officially announced and launched during the Open Day. The event was held under the Auspices of H.E the Prime Minister of Lebanon Mr. Saad El Hariri and was attended by representatives from all stakeholders in Lebanon including Directorate General for Higher Education, National Erasmus+ Office, Council for Development and Reconstruction, Lebanese Red Cross, Internal Security Forces, Traffic, trucks, and vehicles management authority, Beirut Traffic Management Center, Engineering Companies, Road Safety NGOs, Municipalities, Universities, Students. The opening session included speeches from MUBS, National Road Safety Council, National Erasmus+ and the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher education.

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