From 24.06 – 12.07 Summer School lectures will take place in Jordan and Lebanon Partner Universities. The lectures, run by EU teachers, will cover the seminars: Statistical Analysis, Safe Geometric Design using CIVIS 3D, Operational and Consistency Analysis, Traffic Calming, Research Methodology, Highway Engineering and Safety, Urban Safety, Safety Management, Safety Planning, ICT, ITS and Safety, Statistical and Risk Analysis, Safety Fundamentals, Human Behavior and Safety. The objectives of the Summer School are:
- to encourage future student enrollment by attending seminars in some specific traffic safety topics,
- to train future trainers of the courses related to the seminar topics,
- to involve some local teachers in giving some parts of the seminars for presenting some local safety issues and good practices
- to disseminate the project and traffic safety issues,
- to offer EU students some learning on topics within the project, new culture of study and teaching systems as well as networking with local students,
- to involve EU students in teaching some practical parts related to their PhD thesis.

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