MENOUFIA UNIVERSITY (MU) was founded in 1976 in compliance to the increasing demand on the higher education in Egypt. MU started with four faculties. Now, MU has 14 faculties & institutes. Menoufia University awards a bachelor degree for undergraduate students, as well as diploma, master and doctorate degrees for postgraduate students.

Regarding the Faculty of Engineering, It was founded as a Higher Industrial Institute in 1958. In 1975, it was transformed into faculty of Engineering. The faculty has six academic departments: Electrical, Mechanical Power, Production and Design, Civil, Architectural and Basic Sciences. The Faculty includes a number of 316 academic staff and the total number of students is about 4200.

The field of transportation and traffic engineering is receiving increasing importance in the department of Civil Engineering. Several transportation and traffic engineering courses are provided for the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Major research activities, in this filed, relate to road safety analysis, consistency of highway geometric design, traffic performance analysis, and transportation planning.


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