The overall aim of the project is to design, develop, adapt and implement a new master curriculum (60 ECTS courses) in the field of Road Traffic Safety within joint efforts between EU and EG-JO-LB partner Universities according to Bologna requirements and EU traffic safety standards and practices. The project will share EU best practices, innovative experiences and knowledge to support the development of new/existing courses, capacity and knowledge building in traffic safety at the partner universities. The developed curriculum will be based on market analysis needs and job demands for graduate engineers. It will be tailored to the problems, needs and local traffic characteristics in EG-JO-LB. The project EU partners (LiU, GUT and UPV) offers interdisciplinary Master and PhD courses in traffic safety with modern high-tech applications, which are taught to a large extent in English.

The main target group of the MSc programme in traffic safety are newly graduated students at EG-JO-LB universities as well as professionals from transport authorities and enterprises. The applicants should have BSc Degree in Engineering in related fields (mainly civil engineering or computer science). 

The engineers/staff from stakeholders in EG-JO-LB will have also the opportunity to apply for intensive specialized courses in traffic safety (for awarding a course certificate or course with credits).  Such a master programme for both academic and professional students should have a positive impact on the country and its economy in terms of road accidents reduction. Therefore, offering this important curriculum in traffic safety in EG-JO-LB will significantly increase the popularity of this topic and benefit ultimately the whole society in country and MENA region.

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